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Being the Media

Gabriel San Román is an Orange County reporter for the Los Angeles Times.


San Román began his career in media as co-producer of the Uprising morning show on KPFK-LA.


In addition to radio, he authored articles for the OC Weekly in 2006 and later became an award-winning staff writer until the newspaper's closing in 2019. 

San Román previously served as a features writer for TimesOC, a publication of the LA Times. 


His writings, interviews and reviews have additionally been published in the LA Review of Books, KCET, Capital & Main, Citric Acid and Z Magazine as well as numerous other online and print media outlets.


San Román is also the author of Venceremos: Victor Jara and the New Chilean Song Movement (PM Press, 2014) and the forthcoming Calendar of Revolt: A Subversive History of Every Day. 

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