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Emcee Classiq Freestyles for Ferguson

Updated: 2 days ago

Local rapper Emcee Classiq dedicates an impassioned freestyle against police violence in Ferguson, Missouri. It's been 10 tension-filled days since police officer Darren Wilson shot and killed 18-year-old Michael Brown. The young African-American's death set off clashes in the streets between militarized police and angry residents that continued last night in more arrests and unrest. Like rapper J.Cole's raw tribute song "Be Free," Emcee Classiq took to the mic to express his pain.

"Just reading the news and learning another person, and a young person at that, died by the hands of the law, that was just enough to dive in and finally speak up," the rapper says. Emcee Classiq teamed with Weekly to premiere "Ferguson Freestyle."

Read more (and listen to the track) on my latest Heard Mentality Blog post:

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