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Truthout: Interview with Rad Dad Magazine Editor Tomas Moniz!


Tomas Moniz is Editor-in-Chief of Rad Dad Magazine and, more importantly, a father to three children ages 16, 19 and 23. His vision of creating a space for discussing radical politics and parenting first began as an award-winning zine. This year, Moniz decided to keep the Rad Dad dispatches going in the form of a magazine. The premiere Spring issue sold out. Contributions dealt with slut-shaming on the playground and being a woman who is a daddy to her kids—not as a single mother, but as the father figure of an adopted child in a same-sex relationship.

Another poignant essay took Father’s Day to task for being a commercialized bonanza reinforcing rigid boundaries. “I want new archetypes for fathers, ones that are imperfect and yet competent,” wrote Craig Elliot, “and ones that place a greater emphasis on love, compassion and community.” Rad Dad Magazine followed up with a summer Father’s Day special advancing the cause. But for as great of a discussion Rad Dad fosters, its second issue came with a sense of urgency. Moniz sounded a call for many more subscribers to continue his mission into 2015 or the Fall October edition may be the last.

Read the interview with Moniz on my latest Truthout feature:

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