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Lawsuit: Fullerton Police Detective Took Advantage Of and Raped Domestic Abuse Survivor

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

A lawsuit filed in federal court on Thursday alleges that a former Fullerton Police Department detective spoke favorably on a woman's behalf during custody hearings in return for numerous forced sexual acts. The 51-page complaint lays out an ugly path that all began with the violation of a restraining order. According to the lawsuit, Fullerton detective Ronald Bair investigated a restraining order breach on December 2012. The victim (whom we'll call Jane Doe, per basic journalistic ethics) had recently moved to a safe house for battered women with her young daughter to get away from an abusive ex-husband. The detective interviewed Doe at department headquarters and offered to testify on her behalf in upcoming custody hearings. After one, Bair and Doe went to El Torito, where the lawsuit alleges Bair asked for "sexy pictures" after making inappropriate comments about her body.

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