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Murder of 9-Year-Old Ximena Meza in Anaheim Sparks Community Forum


Residents filled Anaheim's Brookhurst Community Center last night near the site of a shooting that left 9-year-old Ximena Meza dead. "This is a sad day for the city," said Mayor Tom Tait. "I have great faith in the men and women of the Anaheim police department. I know they will find those responsible and bring them to justice." New details into the shooting emerged but no arrests have been made despite $57,500 in total rewards offered. Anaheim police Chief Raul Quezada told the crowd that a white car drove up on the 2300 block of West Greenacre Avenue around 7:15 p.m Wednesday night. A man got out and approached a group of men in the area. He opened fire, killing Meza in the process. The gunman ran back to the car speeding away from the scene.

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