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Ras Kass Meet and Greet in Orange!


Ras Kass, the west coast rapper behind hip-hop classics "Nature of the Threat" and "Interview With a Vampire," will be meeting and greeting fans tomorrow at DSTRTD Truth's headquarters in Orange! Ras Kass first splashed onto the scene making waves in hip-hop with 1996's Soul on Ice, his critically acclaimed major label debut. The basic beats allowed listeners to become better acquainted with the rapper's cleaver lyricism. Two years later Rassassination dropped with great anticipation. (I remember seeing the full-page ads in The Source magazine back when I was in high school!) The effort propelled him to widespread audiences. Ras Kass comes to Orange to celebrate the release of his latest album Blasphemy with Mello Music Group producer Apollo Brown.

Read more on my latest OC Weekly Heard Mentality Blog post:

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