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LA Listeners Want Art Laboe Oldies Back on 92.3 FM!

Art Laboe HOT923 IMG_1439  PHOTO CREDIT (C) JoMo for Art Laboe.JPG

Sunday night passed without any 'oldies but goodies' spun on LA's 92.3 FM radio station. No love zone dedications could be heard. Art Laboe's familiar, iconic Hall of Fame voice didn't soothe through speakers to his faithful, multi-generational audience. In another sudden format flip, Real 92.3 took over the frequency leaving Laboe and Old School music without a home in Los Angeles. And listeners are really pissed. Some are even calling for a boycott of the new station. Others are signing an online petition demanding the return of Hot 92.3FM radio personalities and its playlist.

Read more on my latest OC Weekly Heard Mentality Blog post:

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