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A Resident's Guide to Anaheim's Proposed District Election Map!

After months of map making, debates and meetings, Anaheim single-member districts are another step closer to reality. Last week, a panel of five retired judges approved a layout carving the city up into six boundaries roughly representing 50,000 residents each. Eligible Latino voters form a majority in one, a plurality in two others. Single-member districts are slated for the November 2016 elections. With voters approving the electoral reform in November (along with expanding the council to 7 members), the "People's Map," as it's been christened by activists, goes next to Anaheim City Council on October 6 for discussion. Will the council majority tamper with it? Will re-drawing the map on Anaheim elections lead to progressive paradise? Assuming things stay as they are, the Weekly provides an actual resident's guide (as opposed to one bloviated about for months by bloviating bloviators from Brea) to the new districts in Anacrime!

Read more on my latest OC Weekly Navel Gazing Blog post:

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