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KILLcRey Calls Out Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence With "Fly" New Video

"I only wonder as a man but I'm lost."

Rapper KILLcRey sums everything up with one line on "Fly," his newly released song grappling with the epidemic of violence against women. Hip-hop is often taken to task, and rightly so, for its own lyrical lashings on the ladies. But a beat is a blank slate and KILLcRey had to speak on an issue that kept coming up again and again in his inner circles.

"I was talking to a friend of mine and she was saying that she was seeing a counselor dealing with sexual abuse that happened when she was a kid," the rhymer says. "I don't why, but at that moment I realized that almost every woman that I knew had dealt with that at some point, it wasn't like some of them, it was like all of them."

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