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Anaheim Declares War on Homeless--Again!

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

Anaheim Police Chief Raul Quezada seemed merciful towards the homeless and their advocates as of late. On October 6, he issued a department memo halting enforcement of the city's ban on camping and storing property in public parks. The Voice of OC's Norberto Santana even called it a "bold move." The city attorney recently declined to file charges against two homeless activists arrested for obstruction while filming an encounter between police and the homeless at Maxwell Park. All is good in the Happiest Place on Earth, right? Speaking before a gaggle of geezers in West Anaheim this week, Chief Quezada revealed his officers are ready to re-enforce the bans again, just with a little retooling.

Read more on my latest OC Weekly Navel Gazing Blog post:

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