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  • Gabriel San Roman

Womyn In Hip-Hop Gathering Channels Feminine Energy As a Fifth Element

Updated: Sep 4, 2020

No matter the era, the struggle over the coveted rap crown is all too often between would-be kings. While the brothers try to best one another, a sisterhood of queens takes center stage at the second Womyn In Hip-Hop Gathering in Santa Ana this weekend. The event showcases the four elements of the culture--emceeing, graffiti, breaking and deejaying--from a woman's practice and perspective. All of the scheduled performers have dabbled in different aspects of hip-hop before honing in on their chosen craft. "It's part of our nature to try a little bit of everything," says West Coast underground legend and self-proclaimed "Gangsta Goddess" Medusa, as she sips coffee on the patio of the Gypsy Den in Costa Mesa. "In hip-hop, I started pop-locking, but even before that, I sang in a choir."

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