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"We Shall Overcome" Drowns Out Anti-Klan Protesters at Anaheim Peace Rally

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

In the aftermath of the Klan melee in Anaheim this weekend, politicians, faith-based groups, nonprofit organizations, union members...and punks gathered back at Pearson Park last night. Escorted by police, who were finally motivated to protect a group of protesters, hundreds marched through the streets to the front steps of City Hall in the name of peace. With media cameras focused, Anaheim mayor Tom Tait, congressional candidate Joe Dunn, labor leader Ada Briceno and Council on American Islamic Relations-Los Angeles (but really, based in Anaheim) director Hussam Ayloush stood behind a banner that read "Anaheim is a City of Kindness."

Just after an interfaith prayer began, shouting voices emerged off to the side of the assembled crowd. Cameras soon panned to protesters who had been on the front lines when the Klan actually came to town on Saturday. "You fools have hella money, bail the homies out," screamed a woman wearing a Ren and Stimpy shirt and a bandanna covering her face. "Fuck the non-profit industrial complex!" She was referring to Klan ass kickers who ended up in jail unable to post expensive bonds while the Anaheim police released all Klukkers on the grounds of having acted in self defense.

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