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Supreme Court Deadlocks on Buena Park Teacher's Union Fees Challenge

With Justice Antonin Scalia dropping dead earlier this year, the U.S. Supreme Court deadlocked yesterday on Friedrichs v CTA, a legal threat to public unions coming out of OC. Scalia's body had barely stiffened and turned cold when analysts predicated the case would dissolve in a tie—just as it did. Lead plaintiff Rebecca Friedrichs, a San Clemente resident and teacher in Buena Park's Savanna School District and Scariest People 2015 inductee, seemed poised to strike a blow against the California Teachers Association when the case reached the Supreme Court in January. Backed by the Center for Individual Rights, Friedrichs and nine other California teachers brought suit against the CTA alleging that mandatory fair-share fees violated the First Amendment. Three of them, KPCC reports, are from OC like Friedrichs.

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