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What's the Worst Part About Being an OC Music Journalist?

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

From the music editor:

To the average civilian or aspiring college intern, writing about music in Orange County sounds like the a dream job. You get to go to free concerts, interview and become tight with the best local artists and scenesters hoping for any kind of publicity are always lining up to kiss your ass. Maybe not the last part—at least, not always. Still, from the outside, it's swell gig. But not everything is what it seems. One night out drinking and talking shop with a group of OC music writers could be enough to scare you away from this life of woe. We're not just talking about the pressures of crazy deadlines and becoming a public target for trolls and bitter bands who've hated you since 2011 for that nasty live review you wrote about them. There's plenty of commiserating to be done about the life of a music journalist in a suburban fishbowl like OC. Like we always say, you have to hate OC in order to truly love it the way we do. And since we have neither the time nor the money to get drunk with all of you and vent our frustrations, here's a quick look at the worst parts of being an OC music journalist.

Read more on the OC Weekly Heard Mentality Blog:

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