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Chicana Author Sarah Rafael Garcia Returns Home to Tell "SanTana's Fairy Tales"

Sarah Rafael Garcia types away at her laptop with a view from her apartment overlooking SanTana's Artists Village promenade. Her arms are inked with tattoos inspired by being a woman of letters. A verse from Garcia's "Without a Name" poem is etched on skin near artwork from Las Niñas: A Collection of Childhood Memories, her 2008 debut book. The Chicana author may have to consider a new tattoo to markSanTana's Fairy Tales, her newest project in the works. Now an artist-in-residence at Grand Central Art Center in Santa Ana, Garcia came back to the only city that's truly felt like home with a mission of re-imagining its people in a magical way. "It's really important to show that artists, musicians and entrepreneurs don't have to come from outside to create this within the city," Garcia says. "We are here."

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