• Gabriel San Roman

"Fuck Trump" Graffiti Left at Katella High School After Principal Attends Donald Rally

Updated: Sep 1

Katella High School students walked to class this morning with "Fuck Trump" graffiti greeting them on a green construction fence. Although no one knows who the culprit is (sorry, folks: it wasn't us; we like to leave our scribbles online!), it seems a direct response to a flare-up that happened this past Friday between students and the Anaheim school's principal, Ben Carpenter. That day, he offered a series of classroom presentations he hoped would dispel "improper assumptions" about his attendance at last month's Donald Trump rally in Costa Mesa. Carpenter might have never bothered, but students protesting the Donald saw their principal waiting in line to see the Republican presidential hopeful at the Pacific Amphitheater. Better yet, the "keep it simple" principal sported a black "Make America Great Again" hat. They saw him, but he didn't see them.

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