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Mixed-Race Mixtape Explores Identity Through Hip-Hop Theater at UCI

If Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump can tweet a picture of himself eating a taco bowl while declaring "I love Hispanics," the national discussion around race has gotten soggier than the bottom of his bowl. Thankfully, Andrew "Fig" Figueroa is coming to UC Irvine this week to elevate the debate with Mixed-Race Mixtape, a much needed dose of hip-hop theater. Born to a Mexican dad and a white mom, Fig explores the intricacies of his own identity through song and stage. "It’s funny because I was always aware that I had one parents who was Mexican and one that was white European, but I never dealt with the stress and confusion that I do now as an adult," says Fig, who grew up in Irvine. "My white mother not only spoke perfect Spanish, but also had lived in Mexico for 15 years. So, we took pride in being a Mexican household." It wasn't until he moved out of Irvine that he realized all the issues he had that would later inform Mix-Raced Mixtape.

Read more on my latest OC Weekly Heard Mentality Blog post:

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