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Is Rage Against the Machine Coming Back to Rally the Revolution?

"Hey, do you know if Rage Against the Machine is reforming and playing sometime?" I got this text message last week from a Bay Area radical bookseller after wrapping up the second annual OC anarchist bookfair in Fullerton. Without any inside information, I shrugged off the possibility, chalking it up to a satirical music story saying Rage is reuniting to record an anti-Trump record. It made viral rounds on the interwebz without people reading the finer print of far-fetched song titles like, "There Ain't No Spray Tan Here!"

"Ah okay, that must be it," my friend replied. But is it? The Twitter page for Rage, ran by fans and blessed by the band, sent out a cryptic tweet yesterday morning. The rebel rap-rock group has been dormant since performing at the Coliseum for L.A. Rising on July 30, 2011, so few took notice to retweet the excitement. The post linked to a "Prophets of Rage" website with the hashtag #TakeThePowerBack. Mysterious posters of the same raised fist image got spotted the day before in Los Angeles fueling more speculation. What does any of it mean?

Read more on my latest OC Weekly Heard Mentality Blog post:

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