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Trump's Anaheim Convention Center Rally Ends With Angry Protests, No Riot

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

How bad could a Trump rally get at the Anaheim Convention Center a day after an Albuquerque, New Mexico rally erupted in unrest? The Donald seemed ever the provocateur by returning to OC's most riot-happy city a month following the Fracas at the Fairgrounds in Costa Mesa. But the presumptive Republican presidential nominee and law enforcement had one thing going for them. The rally took place between 12-2 p.m., keeping most people away with school or work. Ugly confrontations between protesters and Trump supporters managed to break out anyway. The day started on a relatively tranquil note. "Get your free Trump posters, everybody," Victor Valladares, our intern, declared. Valladares stood outside the entrance of the Anaheim Convention Center with a Trump piñata while handing out copies of our infamous Donald donkey show Weekly cover. Fans of the Donald took the posters unwittingly. One man holding a "Hispanics for Trump" sign finally figured things and stomped it on the ground in front of media cameras!

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