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OC Nonprofit Tweets "Trump 2016" K-Cups Made By Disabled Workers at Disabled-Mocking Donal

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

For the past 65 years, My Day Counts has helped people with developmental disabilities find greater opportunities in their lives. Central to the Anaheim-based nonprofit's mission is its work programs, including My Cup Counts, a manufacturing and packing warehouse site for single-serve beverage products. But for a recent project, disabled workers assembled coffee Keurig cups with "Trump 2016" emblazoned on the foil lids.All in a day's work, right? The warehouse employees just did their job after all. But the Twitter account for My Cup Counts beamed with pride last week, posting a photo of the Trump K-cup and tweeting it over to the Donald. "Join us @realDonaldTrump," the now-deleted Tweet read. "We hire #specialneeds & are making America great... one cup at a time!"

Read more on my latest OC Weekly Navel Gazing Blog post:

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