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Homeless Man Left in Coma After Encounter with Anaheim Police

Yesterday morning, something happened between Anaheim police and Fermin Vincent Valenzuela, III. that left him in a coma at West Anaheim Medical Center—and his family unable to see him and asking questions. His despondent relatives have been searching for answers ever since. On Sunday morning, Vincent's sister, Andrea, and his former wife, Patricia Gonzalez, pressed store owners in a strip mall off of Magnolia Avenue and West Broadway with questions, but could only gather a rough outline. The women stopped at Coin Laundry, where Vincent had been seen on surveillance camera walking into the laundromat followed by police around 9:20 a.m on Saturday. They learned that the 32-year-old apparently ran out towards a 7-Eleven across the street that's known to be a popular stop for Anaheim police, and where Vincent and the police had their fateful encounter.

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