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Lawyer: Vincent Valenzuela Tasered in Chest by Anaheim PD, Stopping His Heart

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

A slew of media came to the Los Angeles offices of attorney Garo Mardirossian this morning for a press conference regarding the death of Vincent Valenzuela, a homeless man who went in a coma after injuries inflicted by Anaheim police. Valenzuela's family was also there, a day after the difficult call to end all life support. Valenzuela's former wife, Patricia Gonzalez, sat in shock while tears trickled down from the face of his sister, Andrea Valenzuela. Mardirossian, who previously won a $4.9 million settlement from Fullerton for the death of Kelly Thomas, obtained Valenzuela's medical records just before the press conference and presented new details into the encounter that left him dead, revived and comatose before dying again a week later. "It's certainly appropriate for the police to come and ask Vincent questions," Mardirossian said, noting a woman had called police after allegedly being followed home by him. "But it is not appropriate for the police to use excessive force when no crime has been committed."

Based on medical records, Mardirossian said that Valenzuela had been tased by police, who only admitted to having "activated" the device.

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