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OC's Scariest People 2016!

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

From the editor:

For those haunted since childhood by clown nightmares, it has been pretty easy to stay away from them. Just avoid circuses, kiddie birthday parties and certain hamburger joints. But recently, the so-called creepy-clown phenomenon—which has murderous-looking jesters popping up along roadsides and other places to scare the bejesus out of you—has spread from the Land of Hillbilly Incest to the county of Orange. And no mixture of rye, Ambien and Welsh rarebit prevents our new nightmares.

So what theme did we decide on for this year's Scariest People issue? Creepy clowns! Even the most Pennywise of Pagliaccis can't hold a seltzer bottle to this year's crop of cretins. Enjoy, and don't forget to look for the newest inductee into the Bob Dornan Scary Hall of Fame! P.S., if there seems to be a plethora of Trump mentions this year, it's because the Donald is the biggest clown of them all. Oh, and #fucktrump.

Read more on the OC Weekly's annual Scariest People Issue out on newsstands today!

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