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Anaheim Police Chief, Deputy Chief Time Card Fraud Probe Continues

Updated: Aug 27

Remember that whole flap back in October about a complaint filed by Anaheim police captain Jarret Young against his higher-ups, Chief Raul Quezada and Deputy Chief Dan Cahill, alleging time card fraud? Well, Anaheim taxpayers: the probe by a city-contracted law firm is still ongoing and has cost about as much as Quezada's supposed theft of public funds. To rewind: Young charged that Quezada and Cahill took plenty of days off without marking them down as vacation time. That allowed for an alleged cashout of unused days worth more than $24,000 for Quezada and $38,000 for Cahill. The city tasked Atkinson, Andelson, Loya, Ruud & Romo to look into the complaint and the firm got right to work in October. Invoices obtained by the Weekly shows legal fees tallying up to $22,497.50 for the month.

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