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OC GOP Bigwig Escapes Charges She Roughed Up Woman Who Flipped Off Cardboard Trump

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

"Deborah Pauly, are you present?" Orange County Superior Court Judge Melissa McCormick announced in her Central Justice Center courtroom on Jan 11. Her Honor looked around for the former Villa Park councilwoman and current Republican Party of Orange County Central Committee member who's also listed on the National Council for the John Birch Society (yes, the Birchers!). Pauly had found herself in legal hot water yet again, this time on a misdemeanor battery charge, after previously trying to take the wheel of her drunk then-husband's crashed Porsche in 2012 and pleading guilty to her own DUI in 2015.

Present in McCormick's courtroom was 56-year-old Laura Harrison, who had accused the pol of shoving her during the Orange International Street Fair this past Labor Day weekend after the Redondo Beach resident flipped off a life-sized cardboard cutout of Donald Trump. Pauly didn't dispute the beef; in fact, she had publicly bragged about getting the better of it. If she were found guilty of any charges, though, there was the danger of violating the three-year probation from her DUI.

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