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Buena Park Touts Beach Boulevard Attractions in State of the City Address

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

A plush Snoopy doll awaited at every banquet hall seat for Buena Park's State of the City Address and Luncheon this Wednesday. Every table had a but just a single copy of The City: A Global History by Chapman University Presidential Fellow (and 2015 OC Weekly Scariest People honoree) Joel Kotkin. The real Snoopy served as host, with the luncheon taking place at the Knott's Berry Farm Hotel. Kotkin's 2005 book served as guide through the address itself. Buena Park Mayor Elizabeth Swift and City Manager Jim Vanderpool took to twin podiums while servers delivered standard banquet fare. (What? No Mrs. Knott's fried chicken?) The pair took turns speaking on the state of the city through the three "critical functions" for successful cities, as prescribed by Kotkin's work: sacred spaces, basic safety and hosting commercial markets.

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