• Gabriel San Roman

New Book Looks at Redevelopment Battles Over Santa Ana Becoming "Latino City"

Updated: Aug 25

Downtown SanTana is bereft of Mexican immigrants bars these days while city officials continue waging war against the taco trucks that feed them. But developers and politicians pushing back against SanTana's Latino reality is nothing new. The only recent difference is the all-Latino city council helping it happen—how's that for progress! From cringe-worthy Brave New Urbanist videos erasing Mexis from their city to puff pieces about how great the new downtown is, they omit a history that Cal State Fullerton Chicana/o Studies Professor Erualdo Gonzalez masterfully retells in his new book Latino City: Urban Planning, Politics and the Grassroots.

Read more on my latest OC Weekly Navel Gazing Blog post:



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