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  • Gabriel San Roman

Las Cafeteras Returns to OC With New Album, Same Ol' Drama

Las Cafeteras, the six-piece Chicano urban folk band from Los Angeles, has much to celebrate these days. For the first time in five years, they released a new full-length album. Tastes Like L.A., a sophomore effort following 2012's debut It's Time, enjoys a rave review in the Guardian for its blend of political and party vibes. And speaking of those blokes across the puddle, the band also kicks off a summer tour this Sunday in Orange that will later take them to the United Kingdom for their European debut. It's as if Las Cafeteras (Daniel French, Jose Cano, Leah Gallegos, Denise Carlos, Hector and David Flores) never had that pesky problem of being blasted as "sexist sellouts" in December 2015 by former marimbolera Annette Torres.

Read more on my latest OC Weekly Heard Mentality Blog post:

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