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OCDA Clears Anaheim Cop Who Mistook Cellphone for Gun in Fatal Shooting

The Orange County District Attorney's office released a report today justifying last November's deadly shooting of Adalid Flores, an unarmed man, by Anaheim police officer Lorenzo Uribe. Flores fled the scene of a traffic collision on the 91 Freeway when an off-duty Los Angeles Police Department cop saw him running away with a friend. A few minutes later, the California Highway Patrol called Anaheim PD for help.

According to the OCDA's report, officer John Yoo responded to the scene. "Fuck, let's do this," Flores said before running from a center divider towards a home on East Street near the freeway. Officer Uribe and his partner Scott Eden arrived at the house where a now shirtless Flores paced back-and-forth in the driveway with one hand behind his back and dug the other into his pocket. "Let me see your hands," Uribe commanded three times with his weapon drawn. "Fuck you!" Flores responded.

Read more on my latest OC Weekly Navel Gazing Blog post:

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