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Anaheim's Joseph Jackson Jr. Honored With Tougaloo Nine Mississippi Marker

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

While Confederate statues are tumbling down all around Dixie, a new historical marker honoring the Tougaloo Nine rose up Thursday in Jackson, Mississippi. It retells the story of young black civil rights activists, reared by Medgar Evers, staging a read-in at the city's "whites-only" library on March 27, 1961. The bold action against Jim Crow segregation led to their arrests and mugshots of the activists adorn the new Mississippi Freedom Trail marker just outside the now-integrated library. One of the booking photos belongs to Anaheim resident Joseph Jackson Jr., president of the NAACP's youth council at Tougaloo Southern Christian College at the time.

Read more on my latest OC Weekly Navel Gazing Blog post:

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