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  • Gabriel San Roman

Samantha Chagollan's "The Enchanted Forest" is a Bilingual Fairy Tale Flip-Book!

In Samantha Chagollan's new book The Enchanted Forest/ El Bosque Encantado, Little Red takes a Sunday stroll to visit her abuelita. All along the way, she encounters the big bad lobo, Goldilocks, Thumbelina and other familiar fairy tale friends. The mashup isn't the only innovate spin on classic children's stories where the three bears aren't eating porridge but offering empanadas to Little Red. Chagollan takes the opportunity to give kiddos a little language lesson in Spanish. A lift-a-flap book, The Enchanted Forest is a hands-on, interactive way for young readers to learn how to say words like "forest," "strawberries," and "granny" en español before ever enrolling into dual-language immersion program at OC elementary schools.

Read more on my latest OC Weekly Navel Gazing Blog pos:

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