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Poll: Living Wage Measure More Popular Among Anaheimers Than Disney!

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

Let’s face it, the Mouse is acting a little strange lately. After decades of dolling out pittance in pay, the Disneyland Resort agreed in late July to bring thousands of workers belonging to its biggest unions up to $15 an hour next year. Then, they followed that contract by raising starting salaries for non-union “cast members” to $15.75 an hour. Most surprisingly of all, Disney asked Anaheim this week to shred a deal giving it $267 million in subsidies over 20 years for a planned luxury hotel. They also pleaded for a decades-long moratorium on entertainment taxes to be lifted.

Giving a little more money back to workers while walking away from big tax breaks? Steamboat Willie turns 90 later this year, but Disney’s recent behavior can’t be blamed on a rapid onset of dementia for its mascot mouse.

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