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Kareem’s Restaurant Wants to Serve Up Laughs With Yallah Habibi Web Series

It’s the lunch rush at Kareem’s Restaurant in Anaheim’s Little Arabia district and tables are packed with diners feasting on falafels and other delicious dishes brought out from the kitchen. “How was everything?” Nora Hawari asks a satisfied patron. “Great!” she replies. Hawari hands the woman her change from the order window and quickly begins wiping down the freed up table for the next group of guests. Taking a break from the bustle, the 23-year-old actress who helps run her Palestinian family’s restaurant, envisions a sitcom web series based on life at Kareem’s. With Yallah Habibi, an Arabic phrase meaning “Hurry up, Sweetheart,” Hawari wants to offer more than just falafel funnies.

Read more on my latest OC Weekly Stick A Fork In It Blog post:

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