• Gabriel San Roman

Cisneros Campaign Alleges Latino Vote Suppression Efforts in Close Race

Updated: Aug 14

Republican Young Kim maintains a slim 2.6 percent lead over Democratic challenger Gil Cisneros in the race to replace retiring congressman Ed Royce. North Orange County’s share of the 39th congressional district is solidly red where Kim claims the bigger take of the midterm election’s votes. In Los Angeles County, Cisneros rides a smaller blue wave, one that helps him close a gap in the race his campaign says is still too close to call.

“We will let this process play out and will continue to closely monitor the results as they come in during the days ahead,” Cisneros says in a press release.

But far from a simple count of remaining ballots, the campaign is also alleging that “questionable tactics” may have helped suppress the vote in Latino precincts.

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