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Buena Park Mayor Virginia Vaughn Clings To 28-Vote Lead Over Sunny Park

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

Buena Park’s city council race between Virginia Vaughn, Sunny Youngsun Park and Val Sadowinski is living up to its competitive hype, even a week after Election Day. District 1, the northernmost area of Buena Park, is also the city’s most evenly split across many lines. Here’s how the numbers break down. Demographically, residents are 42 percent Asian-American, 31 percent Latino and 23 percent white. Politically, 38 percent are Democrat, 31 percent are Republican and 29 are percent independent. Here’s how the District 1 candidates break down: Vaughn is a white Republican, Park is a Korean-American Democrat and Sadowinski is a Latino independent. There’s a little something for everyone! It’s no surprise that a week after Election Day, District 1 is a closely contested three-way race with Vaughn clinging to a 28-vote margin against Park, her nearest opponent.

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