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OCDA: Four Women Face Pimping Charges for Roles In High-End Escort Service

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

A lengthy investigation spanning three states ended with the arrest of four women accused of pimping and pandering under the guise of an escort service. According to authorities, call centers for Companions Escorts operated in Santa Ana, Newport Beach, Palm Springs, Las Vegas and Salt Lake City. Authorities seized tens of thousands of dollars of cash and froze bank accounts totaling more than $300,000.

“What we typically see in our cases is that we have male pimps prostitute females and others for exploitation and money,” said Orange County district attorney Todd Spitzer during a press conference this morning at Anaheim Police Department. “In this case, we have women exploiting women for gain.”

Read more on my latest OC Weekly Navel Gazing Blog post:

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