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Anaheim Donates $250k to Politically-Connected Nonprofit for City Study

Even with city council members elected by district, appointed boards, commissions and the plain ol’ public, Anaheim seems to need a lot of extra help deciding how to spend $250 million over 10 years for neighborhood improvements. That’s what mayor Harry Sidhu would have residents believe after announcing an “Anaheim First” initiative last month during his State of the City address, pledging an initial $20 million for the first year of the effort.

Following up, a resolution came before city council last week seeking to approve the mayor’s ambitious agenda tacking along Anaheim First, the nonprofit spawned by the Anaheim Chamber of Commerce, Visit Anaheim and the Anaheim Community Foundation, as policy partners complete with a matching $250,000 donation to them to help carry out a community assessment study with LSA, an Irvine-based consultant, by 2020.

Read more on my latest OC Weekly Navel Gazing Blog post:

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