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Disney's Halloweentown Reversed its Spell on Witches [Alt-Disney]

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

In Disney’s fantasy world, witches are little more than a villainous lot preying upon virtuous princesses. It’s a familiar trope from Snow White onward. Of course, in the 1937 classic, the envious Evil Queen turns into a black-robed, beak-faced hag offering Snow White a poison apple conjured from a book of spells. Decades later, The Little Mermaid presented a Rubenesque take on the usually evil, gangly figure in Ursula the sea witch.

Disney later gave us the Sanderson Sisters, a children-eating trio in Hocus Pocus that may seem like harmless Halloween fun, especially every October. But it’s only with Halloweentown that witches finally catch a break.

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