• Gabriel San Roman

How Cozy is Jordan Brandman With Police Union Lobbyist Peter Mitchell?

Updated: Aug 12

Back in June, Jordan Brandman joined a majority of his Anaheim City Council colleagues in voting against a proposed Arco station and convenience store in Anaheim Hills. By doing so, the council overturned the Planning Commission’s recommendation to approve the project–a rare, if not eyebrow-raising move. Indeed, Navaz Malik, a Shell station owner who appealed the Planning Commission’s approval and has contributed to Mayor Harry Sidhu’s campaigns, ending up maintaining a monopoly on the intersection in question, an outcome aided by his consultant Peter Mitchell.

Just how close is Brandman to Mitchell? A complaint delivered to the Orange County district attorney’s office Tuesday afternoon by longtime activist Duane Roberts offered an answer to the question: too close.

Read more on my latest OC Weekly Navel Gazing Blog post:



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