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Anaheim Teams With County To Take Down Taco Stand Pop-Ups

A sidewalk taco stand in Anaheim found itself caught in the crossfire of a carne asada crackdown one recent night when code enforcement pulled up.

It wasn’t completely unexpected. Backed by county health officials, they made good on a past warning: if the taqueros popped up again to sell food without a permit, equipment would be impounded.

“We’re not doing anything wrong,” Roberto, the pop-up’s owner who feared using his real name, recalled pleading.

He had good reason to believe so.

Ever since this summer, pop-up taqueros have set up on sidewalks across Anaheim, their spotlights and grills billowing fragrant smoke drawing dozens of eaters every night and thousands of hungry followers on social media. But this budding scene has also led to a steady stream of complaints.

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