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Between OC and OJ, the Lives of 'The Lockhart Women' Delight in Debut Novel

Updated: Jun 5, 2021

Local author Mary Camarillo’s story about an Orange County mother and her two teenage daughters begins with a moment of historic happenstance. The Lockhart family is traveling to a party in Torrance when pandemonium appears in the form of the infamous O.J. Simpson white Bronco chase. Crowds gather at freeway overpasses, some holding signs reading “Run! O.J.! Run!” The heavy hum of helicopters hovers above.

Ninety-five million viewers tune into the spectacle, but Brenda Lockhart exchanges a quick glance with Simpson up close and personal as his Bronco crawls past their car.

“I find these flashbulb moments really fascinating,” says Camarillo of the 1994 slow-speed pursuit that kicks off her debut novel. “It’s a super interesting moment in television history.”

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