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'Canciones Bordadas' Radio Show Stitches the Sounds of Santa Ana Together

A melodious guitar sampled over a boom bap beat transmits through the airwaves on Radio Santa Ana every Tuesday evening and announces the beginning of “Canciones Bordadas.” Yuri Velasco, a former Chulita Vinyl Club deejay, introduces herself on the low-power FM station show during a recent episode before delving into an eclectic hour of music that spans Los Tigres del Norte to the Avett Brothers, a North Carolina folk rock band.

For the past year, listeners in and around Santa Ana have come to expect nothing less.

“It’s all over the place,” Velasco says of her playlists, with a laugh. “That’s how I am. I don’t like listening to just one genre. I’ll get bored. I need to hear different melodies, rhythms and languages, too.”

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