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Mike Clements, Veteran O.C. Activist and Organizer, Dies at 76

When word that Mike Clements, a lifelong activist, passed away in Fullerton, a cadre of social justice organizers and clergy mourned the loss of a hero in the community. Over the span of decades, the 76-year-old inspired them to create a better world — for farm workers, working-class Latinos, undocumented immigrants, the homeless, at-risk youth and students with disabilities — one campaign at a time.

In sifting through sadness, a comforting thought arose from Enedina Clements, his widow; her late husband must be busy working on a new campaign in heaven: organizing the angels.

The rabble-rousing reputation is a deserved one for Clements, who died at home on Jan. 2 of pulmonary fibrosis.

Read more on my latest TimesOC obituary:

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