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'Overlooked Art Form': Anaheim Central Library is Host, Hub of O.C. Zine Community

On the second floor of Anaheim Central Library rests a collection available for checkout unlike any other.

Beneath a colorful banner announcing “zines,” works of local history, poetry, literature, politics and comics populate the shelves. A sign defines the slim and stapled offerings as “self-published,” “made by hand,” and “part of California’s subculture.” A donation box invites zine makers to drop off their own creations in order to be added to the collection, the sole in Orange County circulating at a public library.

“It makes sense to give zines a home here,” says Chlöe Van Stralendorff, a communications specialist with the library. “We’re all about literacy, freedom of expression and just being creative.”

Along with boasting the unique shelf display, the library also hosts the annual O.C. Zine Fest every summer.

Read more on my latest TimesOC feature:

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