• Gabriel San Roman

Placentia-Yorba Linda School Boards Seeks to Oppose COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate Amid Outbreak

A fold-out sign outside Travis Ranch School in Yorba Linda warns that face coverings are required before entering. The quaint, hillside campus also advises people to maintain physical distance.

Following a recent COVID-19 outbreak, the sign could have just as easily read: “No sixth-graders allowed beyond this point.”

A cluster of coronavirus cases sent the entire sixth-grade class home this week for remote learning instruction right before winter break. Travis Ranch School Principal Taylor Holloway alerted parents of the move to quarantine on Sunday over email.

“Please know we do not take this decision lightly and apologize for any inconvenience it will certainly cause,” Holloway wrote. “It is important that we keep our students, staff and families safe while limiting academic disruptions such as this.”

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