• Gabriel San Roman

'Troupes + Tribes' Exhibit at John Wayne Airport Gives Travelers New Look at O.C.

Wednesday Aja brought a rekindled love of photography and circus life back to Orange County from Paris. The historic Cirque d’Hiver served as inspiration before she chronicled a smaller family circus troupe as it traveled through France.

The graphic designer and photographer returned home and continued snapping circus portraits. For the past five years, she has shot for California-based Circus Vargas, which is billed as one of the largest traveling circuses in the world.

“My real passion is photography,” Aja said. “It’s a way to meet people and explore worlds that I wouldn’t normally have an entry into.”

With “Troupes + Tribes,” an exhibition of her work currently on display at John Wayne Airport in Santa Ana, travelers similarly have the opportunity to view her work outside of a private collection or conventional art gallery setting.

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